Bottle of Founders KBS
Coconut Macaroons with KBS Chocolate Drizzle Recipe

Once again, we reached out to our ultra-talented culinary team for our latest ‘made with beer’ recipe. This one comes courtesy of our Catering Supervisor, Eddie, and it has everything you’d want in a recipe, 1) KBS 2) Chocolate 3) KBS. Read on to get our super-simple recipe for Coconut Macaroons with KBS Chocolate Drizzle:

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Founders Earth Day announcement
Happy Earth Day!

Hello friends, happy Earth Day! We asked our Sustainability Coordinator, Liz, to break down some of our environmentally-driven partnerships and the work these organizations do to protect our planet. Read on: 

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Bottles of Founders beer
It’s Beeroscope Time

Ever lay awake wondering what beer is most compatible with your very special personality? Well, we looked to the stars and put together highly accurate beer matches to each zodiac sign. Read on:

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HAAS Colab
Haas Comes to Founders

We recently had the opportunity to host our friends from Haas, a hop grower/researcher/breeder (and everything in between), based in Yakima, WA. R&D Brewer, Virgil, joined by sales rep, Micah, came by the brewery to brew with an exciting new Haas hop product called… wait for it… Incognito.

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Founders logo
Founders Company Statement

While companies are usually discouraged from commenting on pending litigation — and we have been advised to keep silent — a recent legal case filed against Founders has been so grossly misconstrued that we feel compelled to speak out. Since our beginning nearly 22 years ago, Founders has been and will always be committed to promoting an inclusive and welcoming space for our customers and employees. Claims that we failed to address instances of racial bias in the workplace are completely false.

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Man and woman filling beer cooler
Jockey Box Training

Our Education Department is full of beer knowledge. Included in that beer knowledge is how to pour draft beer away from the taproom – a critical element in any salesperson’s repertoire. 

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Bottles of Founders Blushing Monk
A Brief History of Blushing Monk

The history of Blushing Monk takes us back to 2005 when it was known as, get this, ‘Imperial Raz Master.’ Where did we pull the name ‘Blushing Monk from? Well, ‘Monk’ is a reference to its Belgian-style and ‘Blushing’ refers to its pinkish-red color of the liquid. Our previous Head Brewer, Nate Walser, and current Brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki, were inspired by New Glarus’ Raspberry Tart when developing the recipe. That, and Rubaeus, our light-bodied raspberry ale that we all know and love today.

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Bottles of Founders beer
#FlagshipFebruary is Here!

A new campaign called #FlagshipFebruary launched recently as a way to celebrate the beers that drove the success of beloved breweries near and far. The beers that made many people fall in love with craft years ago (before it was cool). We’re kicking off the month with a look at the closest beer we have to a flagship, All Day IPA! Take it from our Brewmaster, Jeremy:

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