Outside of Founders Brewing Detroit Taproom
Founders Taproom – Detroit Grand Opening

It seems like only months ago we had announced plans to break ground on a second taproom/brewery location in Detroit, MI with plans to open the winter of 2017… well, guess what? Winter 2017 is right around the corner and so is our second taproom! Construction moved along at breakneck speed and we are now (just about) ready to open our doors to Founders Taproom – Detroit and we could not be more pumped.

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Three glasses of beer sitting next to a cooked turkey on a table
Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is the best. Turkey, stuffing, pie, family and friends all centered around plenty of beer and tons of gratitude – what’s not to love? Our Culinary Director, Justin Golinski, created his next round of recipes in honor of the family-filled and food-overflowing celebration that is Thanksgiving. A Dirty Bastard-brined turkey, affectionately dubbed the ‘Dirty Bird’, a Centennial IPA-infused green bean casserole and an All Day IPA macaroni and cheese provide the basics for what is sure to be an amazing Thanksgiving feast.

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Founders The Don, homebrewing recipe
Homebrew Advice from Our Resident Homebrewers

This past Saturday, November 4 was Learn to Homebrew Day and, as something near and dear to our hearts (and current livelihoods), we thought we’d share some advice for those of you thinking of taking homebrewing up as a hobby. After all, it could turn into a career if our Brewmaster, Jeremy, is any indication. 

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