Introducing Solid Gold 24-Packs!

We are happy to announce that Solid Gold will soon be available in a brand new package type:

Introducing Solid Gold 24-packs!

Man holding case of Founders Solid Gold

These will only be available in the Midwestern states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana and will have an SRP of $18.99/24-pack ($19 in our taproom Company Stores)! They will start shipping the week of 3/19. Expect to find these in the same coolers you find the big, domestic brands. That’s right, we’re taking over the world one 24-pack at a time.

You can find Solid Gold near you by using our beer finder.



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6 Comments on “Introducing Solid Gold 24-Packs!”
  1. Jordan Artuso

    Thank you! Love this beer!

  2. Ray

    Any chance they’ll be available in Ohio 24 packs?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Not at this point – possibly in the future!

  3. Marklyn dad

    Marklyn is the best

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Yes, yes she is.

  4. tama

    Thanks for your tips, Farrah!

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