Packaging Refresh

We are happy to debut our updated packaging!

Just over a year ago, we approached the daunting project of evolving our packaging in a way that maintained the artwork and individuality of each of our beers but in a visually striking way. We took a lot of inspiration from our original packaging of yore and, after months and months of work, the project is complete!

Check it out:

Founders beer packaging refresh, 4 and 6 packs of their beer

Founders 6-pack All Day IPA

Founders Dirty Bastard 6-pack

Founders Porter 6-pack

Founders Rubaeus 4 packFounders Centennial IPA 6 pack

You may notice that Centennial IPA looks a bit different even beyond the new packaging – it indeed got a slight refresh to bring the artwork more up-to-date (and let those angels fly).

These new carriers will start showing up on shelves soon, so hang on to one or two of the current carriers if you’re the sentimental type (once they’re gone, they’re gone).

We hope you enjoy!

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