Get Your Nitro Stache On with This Untappd Badge

Unlike some other alcoholic beverages, beer has many expressions—differences in the aroma, flavor and color of beers are wide-ranging. Mouthfeel is another thing that varies from beer to beer, and the carbonation process has a lot to do with it. Most beers are carbonated with CO2, but nitrogen can also be used. Nitrogen-infused beers are distinctly creamier than their CO2 counterparts. Try our Nitro Pale Ale side-by-side with its CO2-powered counterpart for a pure mouthfeel comparison, since the two beers are brewed with the exact same ingredients. Or opt for our Nitro Oatmeal Stout, a taproom staple that we decided to share with our distribution footprint last year, for a Founders take on a classic style.

By checking into one of our two nitro beers, available on draft only, you can earn your stache—your nitro stache, that is. Check-in to either Nitro Oatmeal Stout OR Nitro Pale Ale to unlock the “Founders Nitro Stache” badge on Untappd. This badge is available for a limited time only, March 3 through April 3. Be sure to track these two great beers down to get your badge—and take a picture of your nitro stache while you’re at it! Share it with us using #brewedfor nitro staches.


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