2014 Availability Calendar

We’re excited to announce quite a few changes that we’ve made to the Founders brand calendar for 2014. Please see below for a graphic that shows everything all in one place (click here to see a larger version):

Founders Brewing Co. 2014 Availability Calendar

The Lowdown

Nitro Series

We’ve been pouring nitro beers in our taproom for some time now. For the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with sending kegs of Nitro Pale Ale and Nitro Oatmeal Stout out to the market, an experiment that has met great success. Because of this response, we’ve decided to add these two beers to our availability calendar so that more people outside of Grand Rapids can enjoy them. Please note that these are draft-only offerings. It’s an exciting addition to our lineup!


New Specialty Beer in Development

Our R&D team is hard at work developing a new specialty beer to be added to our calendar for next October, November and December (see the area marked TBA on the calendar). Stay tuned for more details on that as we move into 2014. It’s sure to be delicious.


Specialty Releases

We are decreasing the number of specialty releases from six to four, giving each of the specialty releases in 2014 three months of availability on shelves and draft lines. Most notably, we moved Backwoods Bastard from a specialty release to a limited release—this beer is inherently a limited release (because it’s barrel-aged), and it fits much better in our calendar in this position.



In 2013, we started with two seasonal beers—Breakfast Stout and All Day IPA—but we ended up moving All Day IPA to our year-round lineup, leaving just Breakfast Stout in the seasonal category, with some slots to fill for 2014. We are going to fill those slots with Red’s Rye IPA and Rübæus, expanding availability of both from two months to four.


Red’s Rye IPA

Perhaps you’ve been confused about how to categorize Red’s Rye into a beer style. The name could lead you to believe that it’s a pale ale or a rye beer or an amber. To clear things up, we are changing the official name of the beer from Red’s Rye PA to Red’s Rye IPA. Red’s Rye IPA is first and foremost an American IPA. We hope this name change will help people understand that.

Note: Red’s Rye IPA will remain available on draft year-round but bottles will be moving to our seasonal lineup in 2014 rather than our specialty lineup, which is where we plugged them in this year.


Backstage Series

We will be continuing the release of our 750mL Backstage Series beers in 2014, with brands and timing yet to be determined. Stay tuned…


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19 Comments on “2014 Availability Calendar”
  1. Steve

    Hi Sarah – I’m a little confused about the Backwoods Bastard – my favorite beer! Living in VA, we literally have to know the day the distributor comes in Nov – because if we don’t get it that day – we don’t get it…. By moving it to a limited release, are you saying you are brewing even less of it so quantities in 2014 will be even less? I thought you were hoping to brew and release more of it for 2013 – but that doesn’t appear to have been the case. Please keep it a little more accessible than KBS – at some point I actually have to go to work and not follow the distributor’s truck around!

    • Sarah

      Backwoods Bastard will not be even more limited. We’ve brewed more for next year–it’s in the caves beneath Grand Rapids aging now. And we brewed far more for this year than we did in 2012. Backwoods Bastard has been limited since we began brewing it, because of the barrel-aging process, and simply fits better in that category than in the specialty category, especially because we’re extending the shelf life of our specialties to three months next year.

  2. Gary Ciechanowski

    I travel to GR all the time for work and I always stop at your brewery, can I buy 5 gallons kegs? Or 1/4 and 1/2 barrels there?

    • Sarah

      We sell to-go kegs in 1/2 and 1/4 bbl sizes, depending on the brand. Please email Miller at amym AT foundersbrewing DOT com for more information. Thanks!

  3. Okay, so this is awesome, I’m a big Founders fan, but a lot of stuff can be difficult to locate in Kansas City (I’m on the KS side, didn’t you just start distributing in KS?)

    However, I have an idea that would make this lemur-on-a-caffeine-bender-awesome?… why don’t you convert this into a subscribable web-calendar?

    I know you can’t lock down dates for every state, but if we at least had ranges, that’d be awesome.

    How great would it be to get an automatic appointment alarm on your phone that said “KBS available” in March?

    Anyhow, I don’t know of any brewery that does this, but think it would be super-cool.

    • Sarah

      Our beer will be available on the Kansas side of Kansas City starting next week Monday, one week from today! Our first roll out party will be at Barley’s Brewhaus Leawood: http://staging.foundersbrewing.com/events/kansas-roll-out-party-leawood/.

      We’ve had requests for a web calendar before; however, with variance in distributor shipments, it could be quite a beast to manage something like that. You never know, we may be able to make something like that work some day. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Mark

    CBS.. Canadian Breakfast Stout.. You own & make it. I need it!! But it’s not on the calendar. Between you and me, and tuning out the WWW, when can i hope to get my hands on one? Please? You’re like cracked dealers and I need a fix.

    Love the Breakfast Stout Firkin, by the way. It would be welcomed if that found its way to bottles on my beer store shelves as well. Many thanks for your dedication to awesomeness in brewing.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for your comment, Mark. Our Backstage Series beers are not included in this calendar because they aren’t released on a set schedule. Canadian Breakfast Stout was a Backstage Series release. We just may make it again someday–you never know! We’re glad you enjoyed the Breakfast Stout firkin. Cheers!

  5. Ryan Hadbavny

    Here’s hoping the new TBA specialty will be a yearly barleywine. Boltcutter was a miracle in a glass.

  6. katie grifffith

    Are you brewing more KBS this year also?

    • Sarah

      Yes, there is more KBS aging in the caves beneath Grand Rapids than there has ever been.

  7. 520

    First off, love you guys.
    Will Breakfast Stout go to a 6 pack, like it was supposed to this year?
    Thank you.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the love! Breakfast Stout will remain in a four pack in 2014.

  8. Abdul-Aziz Hassan

    When will you start selling tickets for the KBS Release?

    • Sarah

      Not until 2014. Stay tuned for more information in the new year.

  9. mike m.

    what’s the deal with the 6 packs of red’s rye p.a.? that was one of my favorite beers!I see they have 4 packs of red’s rye ipa draft. my question is are they the same or different in some way?

  10. dave pelke

    first of all you guys have the best beer on the planet…:-)…every time I try a new one, I like it more then the last one…my question is,if I can’t find a beer that I would like to try,is there another place online where I can order it from or can I order it direct from you guys?

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Dave! You can use our online beer locator to find retailers in your area that carry our beer. You cannot legally order beer directly from us, though you can from some of our retailers, including the Wine and Cheese Place out of Missouri.

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