Blushing Monk in 750mL

Blushing Monk label: 750mL to be released in 2011


You may have seen that we plan to release a 750 mL Backstage Series. Well, we recently announced that Blushing Monk will be the first in the series.


Partner and Vice President Dave Engbers explains, “We haven’t produced this product in over four years and people have been begging for it—so this is the perfect time to bring Blushing Monk back to market.” Blushing Monk is a decadent Belgian Raspberry Ale that was last produced in 2007, and is still highly sought after.


We’re not going to reveal the entire lineup yet, but it will be full of taproom favorites that have been offered throughout the years. We plan to release two or three in the series this year.

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7 Comments on “Blushing Monk in 750mL”
  1. when is the being released? and is it going to be a brewery release or distributed? THANKS LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

    • Sarah

      Hi Andrew–Blushing Monk is going to be released this summer. We haven’t set a firm date yet, but we’ll keep you all informed through this blog and our social media sites. We’re going to offer the Backstage Series both through distribution AND in our taproom. Cheers!

  2. Jon

    More importantly — WHERE (in what markets) will it be released?

  3. I Live in Kentucky and have visited you guys each spring for the past two years during the release of KBS. I have to say; I would love to see “Death” and “Kiaser Curmudgeon” in any size bottle. Your staff and beer is awesome and I look forward to returning next year.

  4. Do I smell a Founder’s Fest release????

    • Sarah

      It will be released on draft at Founders Fest!

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