2012 Mug Club: Renewals and Sign-Ups

Calling all current Mug Club Members and all those interested in becoming a Mug Club Member:

We are in the “current member renewal” phase, now through the end of November. If you are a current member, you can guarantee your place in next year’s club & renew for $50 each (note: we will add $5 to your fee if you request a mug image in place of mug name for your customized mug etching), as long as you do so prior to December 1, 2011.

Beginning December 1, sign-ups will be open to all, until capacity is reached.  Enrollment during this time period is $60 each (again, add $5 for mug image in place of mug name), regardless if you are a current or a new member.

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13 Comments on “2012 Mug Club: Renewals and Sign-Ups”
  1. Moose

    What are the advantages to being a club member?

    • Sarah

      As a Mug Club Member, you would get your own personalized mug that is stocked in the shelves behind our bar for the year (and you get to bring it home at the end of the year), $1 off beers all the time, and $2 off on Wednesdays (Mug Club Day). Mug Club Members also get $2 off growlers, as well as discounted entry to select Founders events (i.e., Founders Fest, Harvest Party, Black Party).

  2. Jon

    If I wanted to give this as a gift how would I go about that. The person I want to give it to is currently not a Mug Club member.

    • Sarah

      Hi Jon,

      As long as you can provide proof that this person is 21 at the time of purchase, you can buy him/her a Mug Club membership as a gift starting on December 1. Feel free to come on into the taproom with the new Mug Club member (make sure s/he brings her/his ID!) and fill out the membership request with her/him. If you have any further questions, feel free to call our company store and ask: (616) 325-2846. Cheers!

    • Sarah

      Updated: New mug club members have to be able to show that they are 21 on their first use, anytime after 1/1/12.

  3. Similar to the question above, I would like to purchase a Mug Club membership for a gift as well. They work out of town during the week, therefore are not available on December 1st to come in. What is an appropriate means of signing somebody up that is not available to be there that day?

    • Sarah

      You may purchase Mug Club Memberships as gifts (as long as capacity allows). However, all members must be at least 21 years old prior to 01/01/12, and will be required to show a legal ID on their first use. This will be to verify their identity and age, and they will receive their Mug Club ID Cards after showing identification. Any memberships that are purchased for a minor will be voided, without a refund.

  4. Al

    Two questions – is the $1 off just for the mug club member? or for all beers on his/her bill? And do you have to come in to buy a membership or will it be available online? Thanks!

    • Sarah

      The $1 off is just for the Mug Club member’s beers. And you can buy your membership in person or over the phone, through our company store: (616) 325-2846. Cheers!

  5. E

    Any chance of adding discounts for members for bottle purchases from the store at founders? Or discounts on clothing/etc, even if it was a special event and not running year round?

    • Sarah

      While we do not plan on altering the cost or benefit structure of our annual Mug Club for 2012, we do appreciate your feedback and will gladly look at these options for the future.

  6. What is the email for sending in mug club images?

    • Sarah

      erin [at] foundersbrewing [dot] com

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